Important Contact Information

ITLE: batteries for microphones, immediate assistance for projectors, computers, and screens inside classrooms.

Phone: (405) 744-7234 Email:

Custodial: black markers, erasers, chalk, messes, all locked public doors (classrooms and buildings)

Phone: (405) 744-3254

CAS-IT: College of Arts and Sciences IT dept – assistance with CHEM dept computers, printers, software, etc…

Phone: (405) 744-6844 Email

IT: Okey help, OSU network/internet assistance

Phone: (405) 744-4357 Email 

The New Orange Shield - Rave Guardian

Canvas Help :

Latest News

Latest News


Spring 2021 graduate applications are due by September 15, 2020!

Dr. Bunce is now a Regents Professor. Congrats, Dr. Bunce!

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