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Spring 2019 - In a collaboration between all levels of higher education and the private sector, department of chemistry undergraduates Daniel Jespersen, Brockton Keen, Justin Briles, and  Duncan Mullins along with graduate student Jon Day, in the lab of Dr. Jimmie Weaver, and Industrial chemist, Anuradha Singh, of Weaver Labs, LLC have worked together to publish the paper, “Solubility of Iridium and Ruthenium Organometallic Photoredox Catalysts”. Reflecting the makeup of the research team, the publication will be of use to both academic scientists, but also to industrial chemists. In recent years, doors to the science of synthesis have been blown open by the enabling reactivity of ruthenium and iridium based photocatalysis. The relative abundance of these precious metals is low, in fact iridium terrestrial iridium is thought to come to earth on meteorites.  This paper provides essential physical data for the solubilities of these photocatalysts that were absent from the literature. This publication will establish guidelines for the judicious use of these expensive, non-earth abundant metal photocatalysts in a variety of solvent systems, allowing improvements in catalyst loadings and catalyst recovery.  Further, this collaboration between academics and industry professionals bridges gaps and established useful scientific data while providing useful training experience for OSU students. The work was supported by the National Science Foundation and the publication will be live shortly on the Organic Process Research & Development website,

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