Oklahoma State University

Chemistry as a major

If you are curious, creative, highly motivated and like to solve problems, a chemistry major may be for you. As the new century begins, chemistry will become increasingly vital for the advancement of our technological society and for the solution to many of humanities problems. Chemists are involved every day in research dealing with agriculture, biology, electronics, engineering, fuels, materials, medicine, nutrition, pollution, and polymers. The fact that chemistry impacts on such a wide range of fields has led many to refer to it as the central science.


Program Description

The undergraduate curriculum includes work in each of four major chemistry subdisciplines--analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical. Students can earn an ACS-certified or a departmental B.S. degree in Chemistry. Our graduates take jobs in industry, enter medical school, or matriculate to graduate school. Over the past five years, 60 students have graduated with the B.S. degree: 40% have begun careers in industry, 15% have attended medical school, and 45% have gone on to graduate study. Starting salaries for B.S. graduates in industry fall in the range of $30,000 - 45,000 per year; Ph.D. graduates in industry have typical starting salaries around $75,000 per year.


Information for Prospective Students

Another great place to fimnd information and degree programs is Prospective Students (Choose Alphabetical list fo Majors and then Chemistry).