Oklahoma State University


At OSU, undergraduate students can earn an ACS-Certified or a Departmental B.S. degree in Chemistry. The undergraduate curriculum includes work in each of four major chemistry subdisciplines -- analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical. Hands-on experience through undergraduate research with a faculty member is strongly encouraged by our program.

If you are interested in our chemistry program, please contact our undergraduate advisor.  Another great place to look is for  ***** Prospective Students ***** (Choose Alphabetical list fo Majors and then Chemistry)


Scholarships are available to qualified undergraduates. Applications are due in March. Contact our undergraduate advisor for more information.

The following list summarizes the courses offered to our chemistry majors. Advanced students can supplement this list by taking graduate level classes in any subdiscipline of their choice.


1314 General Chemistry I
1515 General Chemistry II
2113 Principles of Analytical Chemistry
2122 Quantitative Analysis Laboratory
3053 Organic Chemistry I
3112 Organic Chemistry Laboratory
3153 Organic Chemistry II
3353 Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry
3434 Physical Chemistry I
3532 Physico-Chemical Measurements
3553 Physical Chemistry II
4020 Modern Methods of Chemical Analysis
4320 Chemical and Spectral ID of Organic Compounds
4990 Special Problems in Research
5260 Inorganic Chemistry I