Oklahoma State University


General Course Requirements

Our program in chemistry is designed to be flexible so that it can readily meet the needs and interests of our students.  All graduate students must have competence in least three of the four main subdisciplines (analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry).  For this requirement, students must demonstrate basic knowledge in physical chemistry and two additional subdisciplines of the student’s choosing.  This requirement can be satisfied in one of two ways: placement exams and foundation courses.  Foundation courses are taught at the graduate level and count towards the required number of credit hours for a Masters or Doctoral degree.  Placement exams are offered before the beginning of the Fall or Spring semesters.  Passing the placement exam allows one to take more advance courses earlier in one’s study but does not reduce the required number of credit hours for a Masters or Doctoral degree.


The remaining required courses are selected by the student with approval of the student’s research advisor and Graduate Advisory Committee.  These courses may be in chemistry or any other area of interest, such as physics, math, computer science, pharmacology, biochemistry, engineering or environmental science.


Departmental Seminar Course Requirement

Attendance at Departmental Seminars is of great educational value, and consequently is mandatory. All graduate students are required to enroll in one credit hour of CHEM 6010 (not. CHEM 6011, which is the Ph.D. dissertation seminar that you present) in both the Fall and Spring semesters.  The grade in the course will be based on the student’s seminar attendance during both semesters, and will be assigned at the end of the Spring semester.  A minimum of 75% attendance will earn a grade of A; less than 75% attendance will earn a grade of F.  Excused absences will not be counted.


Qualifying Examination Requirement

All Ph.D. students are required to develop a research proposal in an area outside of the immediate area of the student’s graduate research project.  If the qualifying examination is not completed by the end of the 6th semester after entry to the Ph.D. program, the student will be placed in the M.S. program.  However, students who earned an M.S. in Chemistry at OSU must complete the qualifying examination within 12 months after entry to the Ph.D. program.  Students are welcome to take the qualifying examination at an earlier time with the approval of their Graduate Advisory Committee.  The Graduate College requires a student to take at least 10 hours of CHEM 6000 after formal admission to doctoral candidacy.  See the Department of Chemistry Graduate Policies for a complete description of this requirement.


Final Defense Requirements

An oral examination over the thesis research is given once the thesis has been written.  Any principles related to the thesis and their applications may be included.  The examination is conducted by your advisory committee and is open to all interested scholars.  An announcement of the time and place of your oral exam should be posted in the Department.