Oklahoma State University


Research Opportunities

The OSU Chemistry Department traditionally rates among the most productive in the nation The National Research Council's recent publication Research-Doctorate Programs in the United States: Continuity and Change (National Academy Press, 1995) shows that the OSU Chemistry faculty ranked 34th nationally in publication rate per faculty member out of 168 Ph.D.-granting institutions considered by the Council. The Department has maintained a reputation for thoroughly modern, leading edge research in graduate/undergraduate training programs. As a result of this intense research activity, departmental faculty secured $4.306 million in external grants in 1996. Graduate students at Oklahoma State University become involved in this research activity by majoring in one of the classical fields of chemistry: analytical, inorganic, organic, or physical. However, the richness of the research opportunities that exist are not conveyed by these broad designations and the following topics are currently representative among the research groups at OSU:


Animation in Chemistry Bioorganic Chemistry Catalysis
Capillary Electrophoresis Capillary Electro-chromatography Ceramics
Chemical Education Chemical Dynamics and Mechanisms Composites
Circular Dichroism Colloids Environmental Remediation
Enzymatic Sensing Experimental Surface Chemistry High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
Ice and Ice-Like Substances Inorganic Materials Inorganic Polymers
Ion Exchange Materials Low Temperature Spectroscopy Mechanistic Photochemistry
Medicinal Chemistry Materials Synthesis Nanoparticles
NMR Spectroscopy Organic Synthesis Ore Extraction and Refinement
Photochemistry Polymer Synthesis Polymer Characterization
Phosphor Materials Phosphorus Chemistry Self Assembly of Organic/Inorganic Composites
Semiconductor Device
Separation Science Solid State Chemistry
Structural Chemistry Structure/Function Relationships in Proteins Synthetic Methods
Tandem Reactions Thin Films Theoretical Chemical Physics
X-ray Crystallography


Employment Perspectives

Upon completion of their degree OSU students are well qualified to gain permanent employment in both academia and industry. Numerous major chemical, petroleum, and high-technology companies recruit extensively at OSU including, for example, Exxon Corporation, BDM Petroleum Technologies, Conoco, Inc., Boeing, General Motors Company, IBM Corporation, Hoechst-Celanese, and Phillipps Petroleum. Our students have found employment with the following academic institutions, government laboratories, and industrial companies:


University of Missouri, St. Louis University of Southwest Louisiana University of Central Oklahoma
Wright State University Yeshiva University Oral Roberts University
Ohio University Southeastern OSU Mercyhurst College
University of California, Berkeley Anadolu University, Turkey Tanta University, Egypt
United Arab Emirates University Indian Institute of Technology NASA
Army Research Laboratory Naval Weapons Laboratory Pacific Northwest Laboratories
Los Alamos National Laboratory Oak Ridge National Laboratory Phillips Petroleum Company
Amoco Albemarle Corporation J.M. Huber Corporation
H.B. Fuller Company Cook Composite Company Cosmyl Company
CYDSA Group, Mexico