Oklahoma State University

NMR Facilities

Statewide  Facility
Solid State Facility

The Chemistry Department houses the Statewide NMR Facility which is comprised of a Varian UNITY INOVA 600 NB NMR system and a Varian UNITY INOVA 400 NB NMR system. The computer networks enable users to transfer, process data, and operate spectrometers statewide. These NMR systems are in addition to the Varian 300 MHz Broadband GEMINI 2000 High-Resolution NMR System found in the Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory.

In addition to the above instruments, a Varian/Chemagnetics CMX-II 300 MHz Solid State NMRspectrometer is available for use.  This system is equipped with three rf channels for study of magnetic nuclei at resonant frequencies from 10 to 300 MHz.