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Research Minute featuring Dr. Toby Nelson

In the latest reserch minute on OstateTV, Oklahoma State Univeristy assistant professor of chemistry Toby Nelson describes his research group's development of electrically conductive plastics that will be used to make lightweight, flexible and low cost electronic devices such as plastic solar cell and transistors. Watch the video here.


Dr. Ziad El Rassi honored by the journal Electrophoresis

elrassi 65In honor of Dr. El Rassi's 65th birthday, the journal Electrophoresis has written a dedication in his name. The dedication gives a brief biography of the life and rich academic history of Dr. El Rassi. The article goes on to make note of many of the professors outstanding achievments during his time at Oklahoma State University. The article can be viewed here. A subscription to the journal may be required to view the article.


Happy Birthday Dr. El Rassi!



Grandparent U, 2014grandparent2014bsm

This year, the Chemistry department offered a major in Grandparent University, an OSU Alumni Association program.  Since 2003, OSU has welcomed legacies (children ages 7 to 13) and their alumni grandparents to campus for this unique intergenerational learning experience.  Our own Dr. Christopher Fennell was chosen to give the keynote presentation "How small is a molecule?" for the entire group of 500+ participants.  Chemistry FUNdamentals made a splash through the efforts of Martha Halihan, Storeroom Supervisor Kristel Steele, graduate assistant Ugo Arua, and undergrad assistants Trent Howard and Austin Perkins.  This major offered fun and informative classroom and lab experiences to ignite interest in chemistry.  Our first effort in this program was a great success, proving to be popular with both the legacies and alumni.  



Fennell's papers selected for editor's review on Ion Pairing

Two of Dr. Christopher Fennell's papers were selected for inclusion in the senior editor of the ACS Journal of Physical Chemistry's special topic review "Ion Pairing: From Water Clusters to the Aqueous Bulk".  The entire set can be viewed here.


Nitin Patil announced TRFA Honorable Mention Winner

Dr. Nitin Patil, who just recently finished his PhD with Dr. Jeffrey White, was awarded honorable mention for this research through the Thermoset Resin Formulators Association. Congratulations Nitin!

Research Paper: "Creating Polymer Templates and their use in In-Situ Synthesis of thermoset Biodegradable Composite Networks"


Krishnan receives NIH Award

gopan3We are pleased to announce that Dr. Sadagopan (Gopan) Krishnan has received his first major grant from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.


The award is entitled: Mass Sensor Coupled with an Optical Array Imager for Diagnosing Type of Diabetes.

The research objective in this project is to develop a sensor with multi-detection features to measure insulin levels in complex clinical matrices and diagnose the type of diabetic disorder. The award amount is $ 431,648.


Researcher's progress makes artistic journal cover story


A type of artwork has emerged from the research of Dr. Allen Apblett and two graduate students at Oklahoma State University and it's attracting global attention on the cover of a noted scientific journal. What appears to be a drawing of a chicken and German crosses are the focus of a cover story in the latest edition of CrystEngComm and proof of Apblett’s progress for producing the tiniest of crystals for new uses in the growing field of nanotechnology.Continue reading here.


El Rassi named Regents Professor

ziadRegentsDec13.131204 At the University Convocation on Dec 5, 2013, Professor Ziad El Rassi was formally recognized as a newly appointed Regents Professor of Chemistry. Dr. El Rassi has expertise in modern liquid phase separation techniques including electrophoresis and HPLC, and their applications in proteomics, bio-analytical separations and the life sciences. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the international journal Electrophoresis.


Congratulations to Ziad.



Dr. Toby Nelson presents TedX talk at OSU

Oklahoma State University chemistry professor Toby Nelson is leading the way in organic electronics, supramolecular materials, and the discovery of new materials for sustainable energy. He has been recognized numerous times for his teaching and research, which has been published in top peer-reviewed journals. One of his current projects is creating an organic solar panel to energize plastic rechargeable batteries. To watch his presentation, click here.


OSU researchers help land $3.1 million collaborative grant.

Professors Gasem from Chemical Engineering, White from Chemistry, and Aichele from Chemical and Petroleum Engineering have received an award from the Department of Energy to establish a Center for Interfacial Reaction Engineering.  Read about it here.



Satish Langeshetty presented his work at the Indianapolis ACS Meeting

ACS pictureHis poster entitled Synthesis and Characterization of different froms of MnO2 (α-,β-, γ): Determination of Catalytic activity was coauthored by Dr. Kevin Ausman, his research advisor. His travel was partially supported by the Aldrich Chemical Company.





Dr. Charles Weinert and Kimberly Roewe report synthetic method for making linear germanes

 The promise of new optical and electronic properties of the germanium compounds has prompted one research team to keep trying. Kimberly D. Roewe and Charles S. Weinert and coworkers have now reported a synthetic method for making linear germanes, which includes a hexagermane compound—the longest linear molecular germane characterized to date. Roewe and Weinert presented their work in talks this week in the Inorganic Chemistry Division at the American Chemical Society national meeting in Indianapolis. You can read the full version of this article here.



Cowboy Technologies secures $1.1 million in investment funding for innovative technology

Cowboy Technologies, LLC has announced a successful first round of investment funding that will make arsenic removal technology available for real-world applications. The university-owned, for-profit company successfully closed on $1.1 million of A-round investment funding for Associated Material Processing, LLC (AMP) on June 28.


Cowboy Technologies (CT) collaborated with Dr. Allen Apblett, professor of chemistry at Oklahoma State University, to advance his innovation from the laboratory into AMP’s current business model. AMP has developed proprietary arsenic adsorption products, including AMP 25 -for semiconductor industry application and AMP 35 -for drinking water treatment.  CT, along with early seed funding from i2E, Inc., then launched the company by providing initial investments and resources. Continue reading here.




A collection of news stories about members of the OSU Chemistry Department. (Click on the title and these open in new windows/tabs) Please be aware that some of these third party links may not be permanent.



  • OSU's Dr. Kevin Ausman wins prestigious NSF CAREER Award

    ausmansm13Nanotechnology is projected to be a $2.4 trillion industry by 2015, largely due to the exciting properties that nanometer-scale materials provide to engineers. But new nanomaterials also present new possible risks. Oklahoma State University (OSU) researcher Kevin Ausman will aim to unravel the puzzle of how to safely exploit nanomaterials with the help of a prestigious five-year CAREER award from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

    Nanomaterials are already important to many industries, serving as lightweight, strong materials for automotive parts, pigments for cosmetics, fillers for biomedical implants, and components in electronics. The $525,000 grant will enable Ausman, an assistant professor in the OSU Department of Chemistry, to study aqueous fullerene colloids, a particularly controversial nanomaterial.


  • Dr. Richard Bunce named winner of the Medal for Excellence

    Dr. Richard A. Bunce, professor of chemistry at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, has been named winner of the Medal for Excellence in Teaching at a Research University.Now in his 29th year at OSU, Bunce has established a national reputation as a leading organic chemist, recently earning a grant for the development of broad-spectrum antibiotics to treat drug-resistant anthrax. You can read the full version of the article here.


  • OSU, SNU researchers look to use sunlight to enrich biofuel: Researchers from Oklahoma State University and Southern Nazarene University are looking for a new way to enrich biofuel. OSU chemistry professor Jimmie Weaver and Southern Nazarene professor Lisa Crow will be investigating a method for using sunlight to enrich the energy content of biofuel. Weaver and Crow will conduct the research over the summer at OSU's chemistry department. The project is being funded by a National Science Foundation grant that is provided through the Oklahoma Experimental Project to Stimulate Competitive Research. You can view the original article here.


  • Miss Native American OSU Crowned: The new Miss American Indian Oklahoma State University was crowned Saturday night in the Student Union Theater. Maeghan Murie, a freshman majoring in chemistry, was announced as Miss American Indian OSU 2013 after wowing the judges. You can view the full version of the article here


  • Chemistry faculty researchers lead international symposia: National meetings of the American Chemical Society annually convene approximately twenty to thirty thousand attendees, and represent one of the largest worldwide scientific exchanges.  As leaders in their respective fields of research, chemistry professors Dr. Frank Blum and Dr. Jeffery L. White were asked to organize, and present original research findings in, two different week-long symposia at the Spring 2013 National ACS meeting in New Orleans.  The symposia, respectively entitled “Hybrid Materials” and “Complex Macromolecular Systems”, will gather experts from around the world, including leading scientists from North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  Several OSU graduate students will have the opportunity to participate in the conference. 


  • ACS Award For Affordable Green Chemistry: Hari B. Sunkara, now of duPont, formerly a postdoc at OSU with Warren Ford, has been awarded this ACS award for his work on the technology to make the company’s polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT), later trademarked as Sorona. You can read the full article here


  • Dr. Ziad El Rassi Organizes Meeting: International Symposium on Electro- and Liquid Phase Separation Techniques – ITP 2012”, Baltimore, MD, September 30 to October 3, 2012; web site: http://itp2012.okstate.edu. ITP 2012 attracted 232 attendees from 33 different countries with half from the US and half from outside the US. There were 149 oral presentations and 85 poster presentations including 9 plenary lectures and 35 keynote lectures distributed over of a variety of 3 to 4 parallel sessions during the 3 full days of the meeting.Typical parallel sessions included: Dielectrophoresis, Affinity-Based Separations, Sample Preparation, Bioanalysis, Metabolomics, Glycomics, Proteomics, Next Generation Sequencing, Nucleic Acids, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, Miniaturization, Capillary Electrophoresis – Mass Spectrometry, Fundamentals, Instrumentation and Detection, Biomedical Applications, Chiral Separations, Applications and Methodologies, just to name a few.



Older News

  • Replacing animal fats with vegetable oils in meat products:  Gerald Dumancas, featured in inform magazine, talks about his journey as a student and the inspiration AOCS has provided him. You can read the PDF version of the article here.

  •  American Indian student works on Oklahoma State University research: Trevor Forget participates in Oklahoma State University program aimed at stimulating interest in science among American Indian students.You can read the online versionof the article here.
  • Ceramic Tech Today: Cleaning up radioactive and heavy metals, smart glass markets, magnetic hexaferrites and more: Dr. Apblett discusses 'capsule' for removing radioactive and heavy metal elements. You can read the online version of the article here.  
  • Associated Material Processing quickly advancing technology from lab to marketplace: Chemist and professor, Allen Apblett, Ph.D., spends a lot of time in the laboratory searching for answers to questions that have yet to be asked. You can read the online version of the article here
  •  Apblett named Fellow for his scholarship and service: Dr. Allen Apblett was recently named a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society. You can read the online version of the article here.

  • American Indian student works on Oklahoma State University research: Trevor Forget, a Native American student from Michigan State U worked this summer in Dr. Scott Weinert's lab.   You can read the online version of the article here.

  •  Fred E. Regnier in C&EN: The notable OSU alumnus talks about his experience mixing chemistry research, product development and entrepreneurship in an article in the August 20, 2012 issue of Chemical & Engineering News. You can read the online version of the article here.
  • Professor Jeffery White talks about his research.


    Click on the picture or go to: http://youtu.be/yPqqJtPa2Tw (opens in a new window)

  • Toby Nelson - Part of an  team on "Building a Center for Integrated Renewable Energy Systems" selected for funding as one of the Interdisciplinary Grants (OSU Headlines, June 21, 2012)
  • Josh Damron - Selected as a 2012 Wentz Scholar (OSU Headlines, April 18, 2012)