Oklahoma State University


The performance of state-of-the-art chemical research is often highly dependent on access to sophisticated instrumentation.  The chemistry department has an extensive array of instrumentation available for use by its undergraduate and graduate students.  Specialized instruments are typically housed within faculty research laboratories. In addition, the department maintains several facilities that support our undergraduate program, our graduate program and interdepartmental research. Students also have access to specialized laboratories and shops located in other departments or colleges.


Major Instrumentation

Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories (UTL)

NMR Facilities

X-Ray Crystallography Facilities

Electron & Confocal Microscope Facilities





Instrument Shop
  • Manager: Mike Lucas
  • The Instrument Shop helps faculty and students construct specialized scientific apparatuses required to advance science.
  • Location: B10 Physical Science I
  • Phone: (405) 744-5820

Maintenance Shop

  • Manager: Ed Wright
  • Maintenance Coordinator
  • Hours: Monday through Friday
    8:00am to 5:00pm
  • Location: 011 Physical Science I
  • Phone: (405) 744-2813