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Hoimecoming October 2014


October and November were tough months for the Cowboys, but they ended on two very high notes.  In spite of this, we had a great time visiting with alumni and friends.  Linda and I visited with Claudia and Harrison (Bart) Bartlett.  We got to meet with the Dunns (William and Carol) and Clarks (Peter and Linda).   We all met at the Arts and Sciences tailgate.



From the Dallas ACS Meeting, March 2014

Jethmalani, Hampton, et al.













Jagdish Jethmalani, Ken Hampton, Warren Ford, and Frank Blum at dinner in Dallas 2014 at the ACS Meeting.  Drs. Jethmalani and Hampton received PhDs at OSU under the supervision of Dr. Ford. 




Ms. Hughla Foreman Returns to Homecoming

hughlaForemanFDBOCt2013sm In October 2013 we were delighted to receive Ms. Huglha Foreman back to OSU for Homecoming.










Dr, Bushman Mandava visits OSU

mandavaDr, Bhushan Mandava returned to OSU and took a tour of the old and new facilities.  Bhushan is the President of Mandava Associates, LLC. in Washington DC.  He previously worked for the Environmental Protection Agency.  He was also a postdoc with Dr, Berlin.  The homecoming is pictured. 








The Burkes Return

noelBurkeJune2013smNoel and Mrs. Burke stopped in on a trip out west to check out their old OSU stomping grounds in 2013.  Noel received his PhD degree with Dr. Zalkow.










Dr. James Wise Visits OSU Chemistry

wise.blumDec2012smallDr. James Wise, M.D.  (BA in chemistry, OSU 1957) visited in December 2012.  After OSU, Dr. Wise obtained his M.D. at Johns Hopkins University and ultimately returned to Oklahoma and has had a distinguished career in ophthalmology.  







harisunkarawarrenford040913smAt the ACS meeting in New Orleans, Dr. Hari B. Sunkara of the duPont Company was awarded the ACS Award for Affordable Green Chemistry sponsored by The Dow Chemical Company and endowed by Rohm and Haas Company.  The award was for ground-breaking scientific discoveries that led to development of several bio based products from Cerenol® polyols, a family of high-performance and renewably sourced polyether diols.


Hari was a post-doc at OSU under the direction of Warren Ford.  Dr. Sunkara and Ford are pictured at the ACS award ceremony in New Orleans. Congratulations to Dr. Hari Sunkara!


You can read the full version of the article here.


Dr. fred e. regnier - acs awardee in separations science and Technology

regnierAt the ACS meeting in New Orleans, Dr.Fred E. Regnier Purdue University was awarded the ACS Award in Separations Science and Technology sponsored by Waters Corporation. The award was for seminal contributions to the science and technology of separations of biological species that have been used in discovery, quality control, and process analysis.


Fred earned a PHD at OSU and did postdoctoral studies at OSU. Congratulations to Professor Fred Regnier!

You can read the full version of the article here.



Karl kefoot - detergent  expert  and friend to the department

kerfoot feb 2013The February Arts and Sciences Newsletter has an interesting article about Karl Kerfoot (BS 1949) of Ponca



You can read the online version of the article here.

 Karl has had an outstanding career and been a great friend to the Department.

                                                                                            Karl and Joy Kefoot


Tom Puckette - Paul N. Rylander Awardee

tompuckettesm2013Dr. Thomas A. Puckette, an Eastman Chemical Company Technology Fellow based in Longview, Texas,    received the 2011 Paul N. Rylander Award at the 24th Biennial ORCS Conference in Annapolis, Maryland, on  April 16, 2012. The BASF sponsored award is presented annually to researchers who have made significant contributions in the application of catalysis in organic reactions.


His discovery of a separate class of ligands for low-pressure rhodium hydroformylation is a significant advancement considering the breadth of existing knowledge and previously discovered ligands for use to produce aldehydes from olefins. The focus of these recent inventions, the halophosphite ligand class, is not only unique due to its absence from prior study but also in that the presence of halogens in a hydroformylation process is usually carefully avoided to prevent catalyst poisoning. His work involving halophosphite catalyst ligands represents a significant technological advancement and has greatly increased efficiency and flexibility in Oxo manufacturing processes.


Many of his inventions have been disclosed in the 42 patents he has pioneered during his career. Dr. Puckette's innovations and contributions have been a critical factor in the development and implementation of the catalytic systems to commercial scale both locally and globally for the Eastman Chemical Company.


Tom Received a BS in Chemistry at OSU in 1975 followed by a Ph.D. at U Texas-Austin. The award was given at the 24th OCRS Biennial Conference.


Peter Clark Joins Chemical Engineering


Chemistry Alum, Professor Peter Clark has joined the OSU School of Chemical Engineering Department.  Peter received his PhD degree from OSU under the direction of Darrell Berlin.  He comes to OSU after seven years of industrial and 32 years of academic experience at Tulsa University and the University of Alabama.Peter's research specialty is in hydraulic fracturing, well stimulation, and rheology of oil field fluids.  He currently holds the Sampson and Ward Chairs in Petroleum Engineering.  OSU and the Chemistry Department are thrilled to have Peter return to campus as a member of the faculty.  More information may be found at cheng.okstate.edu.


Hari Sunkara – ACS Award Winner

Dr. Hari Sunkara of E.I. DuPont de Nemours is the winner of the 2013 ACS Award for Affordable Green Chemistry. This award, sponsored by the Dow Chemical Company, is to recognize outstanding scientific discoveries that lay the foundation for environmentally-friendly products or manufacturing processes. Hari's work on bio-based 1,3-propanediol, its polyetherdiol oligomers, and polyurethanes and polyesters made from the diols has been disclosed in about 90 patents and pending patent applications, the majority in the last five years. The award will be presented at the Spring 2013 ACS national meeting in New Orleans. Hari was a postdoctoral fellow with Warren Ford at OSU. Congratulations Hari.



At the ACS Meeting in Philadelphia are (l to r) Abijit Paul (recent OSU graduate), Warren Ford, Hari Sunkara, and Frank Blum.


Joe Sabol at the ACS Meeting in Philadelphia

Joe Sabol (PhD, 1982, advisor: Mark Rockley) is a consultant to the chemical and allied industries, specializing in semiconductors, metals and metal oxides, polymers, and market research.  Prior to starting his consulting business in 1999, Joe taught analytical and physical chemistry and published his research on the transport properties of magnetite Fe3O4 single crystals.  Joe is an active member of the American Chemical Society, being the Program Chair of the Division of Small Chemical Businesses and Treasurer of the Upper Peninsula [Michigan] Local Section and Secretary of the Marquette County [Michigan] Local Emergency Planning Committee.  Joe grew up on his family’s farm in Racine County, Wisconsin where he currently grows heirloom vegetables; in October 2010, Joe was a delegate at Terre Madre, the biannual international food conference, in Turin, Italy.  Joe regularly attends ACS national and regional meetings and welcomes the opportunity to catch up with OSU classmates.




Arlan Richardson and Anti-aging


Dr. Arlan Richardson returned to OSU this year on Friday, November 30 to deliver a joint Chemistry/Biochemistry seminar entitled "Rapamycin, the first anti-aging pill?".  Dr. Richardson is a Senior Research Career Scientist, Department of Veterans Affairs and Professor of Cellular and Structural Biology, Department of Cellular and Structural Biology, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Texas.  He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from OSU in 1968 with an emphasis in Biochemistry.  Before moving to Texas, he was a Distinguished Professor at Illinois State University.  His research is focused on understanding the role of oxidative stress/damage in aging and age-related diseases, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.



Dr. Richardson has been a prolific researcher with well over 200 publications and book chapters to his credit.  He has supervised over 40 graduate students and Post-docs since 1990.  His work has been well funded by major grants from the National Institute on Aging , the Veterans Administration and other agencies.



In 1993, he received the Nathan Shock Award from the Gerontology Research Center at the National Institute on Aging for his pioneering research on the effect of dietary restriction on gene expression. In 1995, he received the Robert W. Kleemeier Award for outstanding research in the field of gerontology from the Gerontological Society of America, and in 1997 was awarded the Methodist Hospital Foundation Chair in Aging Studies and Research at UTHSCSA. Since 1990, Dr. Richardson has held a Research Career Scientist Award from the Department of Veterans Affairs.


More on Dr. Richardson's efforts can be found at: http://www.uthscsa.edu/csb/faculty/richardson.asp

From the Archives (Thanks to Biochemistry)



Biochemistry “Hormones” 1967 League I Champions

“Our acheivements at slow pitch softball were exceeded only by our scholarly endeavors in biochemistry!” - Wayne Fish

Front Row (left to right): Gary Price, Arlan Richardson, Virgil Ackerson, Duane Pierson, Wayne Fish

Back Row (left to right): Charles Rudolph, Phil Koehler, Bob McKenzie, Don Schmidt, Wayne Denton, Jon Newell, Jerry Chandler


Homecoming 2012



Fifty years can be a long time or it can seem like yesterday.  In October, for homecoming, two analytical chemistry lab partners got reacquainted.  The partners in chemistry were Donald Wells and Lawrence Fisher.  They were from the class of 1962 and joined the department for their 50-year reunion.


After graduation, Larry spent time working at Conoco, the Army Chemical Corps, Texas A&M Extension Service and the University of Oklahoma.  He specialized in teaching, training, management and consulting.  He has been married to Carol (an OSU grad) for 52 years and their three children all have degrees from OSU, including daughter Lisa who was an outstanding engineering student.  Following in their footsteps, granddaughter Laurianne is an OSU Chemical Engineering student.


Donald Wells spent some of his time as a chemist developing rocket fuels for NASA and later heat shields for the space shuttle.  He then was recruited into the oil industry in Houston.  He now runs his own company focused on recycling oil and grease into oil products.  Done enjoyed visiting the department and meeting some of our new faculty members.


Pictured are some new additions to the OSU faculty with some more experienced alumni who shared their experiences with them.  The Department is grateful to those alumni who are willing to share some of what they know about chemistry and life with us.



(L to R) Toby Nelson, Lawrence Fisher, Donald Wells,

Yolanda Vasquez and Frank Blum.


mamedov.iob.homecoming2012smHomecoming also brought back a visit from Arif Mamedov who was a Ph.D. student with Nick Kotov.   Arif is President of Regula Forensic, Inc. a producer of high tech forensic equipment and software for document verification and authentication. He is shown below in the lobby of the Henry Bellmon Research Center with Asfaha Iob.




Game Day at OSU

After the game in September, Frank Blum got to visit with Mike McCabe (Haliburton) and Al Holba (Conoco Phillips).  Mike and Al make the home football games.  Mike is employed by Halliburton and spends time in Houston and Duncan.  Al is employed by Conoco-Phillips.  They both enjoy tailgating.




Zeid AL Othman visits before San Diego ACS meeting

Dr. Zeid Al Othman visited OSU on his way to the ACS meeting in San Diego in the spring of 2012.  Zeid is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at King Suad University in Saudi Arabia.  Zeid earned a Ph.D. with Dr. Allen Apblett in 2006.  His thesis was entitled "Synthesis, Modification and Application of Mesoporous Material Based on MCM-41".  He and Dr. Apblett continue to work together on research of mutual interest.  Pictured below with Dr. Blum are Dr. Al Othman and Dr. Basha also from Knig Saud University.   More information on Zeid can be found at: http://king-saud.academia.edu/ZeidAlOthman


Frank Blum, Zeid Al Othman and Dr. Basha, spring 2012


David Boone visits the Department

In the fall of 2011, the Department had a visit from Dr. David Boone.  David finished a Ph.D. in Chemistry at OSU and then became a successful lawyer who now resides in Colorado.  He enjoyed seeing his old haunts and also the new facilities and instrumentation.

David Boone and Frank Blum

David Boone and Frank Blum, fall 2011

David received his BS degree in chemistry from OSU in 1965 and my PhD in 1969 working under Dr. Eisenbraun’s direction.  After receiving his PhD, he joined Amoco Chemical Corporation in Chicago working as a research chemist in the polymers division.  After several years in the lab, he started law school and received his JD from DePaul University in 1979.  He continued working for Amoco as a patent lawyer until 1985 when he and his wife moved to Denver, Colorado, where he joined a law firm.  In 1990, he joined Eli Lilly and Company’s law division in Indianapolis, Indiana, remaining there until 1999 when they returned to Denver and he retired for 3 months.  After a brief time with another law firm in Denver, he joined a small biopharmaceutical company, Theravance, in South San Francisco, California, as VP of Intellectual Property.  He remained with Theravance until he retired from regular work in 2005. Since then he has occasionally consulted with start up biopharmaceutical companies on protecting their intellectual property. The Boones continue to live in the Denver area.